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Thee Poetz Promise

Bella Martrice - Thee Poetz Promise

Thee Poetz Promise is a collection of Bella Martrice's writing, her art, photos, theories & poetry throughout her life dating back from july 1993 up until january 2017. 1993 is a year that forever changed Bella's life. Her mother had been murdered....Bella was given a journal by her teacher and encouraged to write. This book is like looking thru a kaleidoscope into her; from her childhood into adulthood. Her writing is colorful, full, passionate, ugly, beautiful and honest.

Interestingly Enough... Bella Martrice's promise to be Dope, which she defines as RAW & UNCUT

"Martrice is raw as she slices and dices Sometimes it cuts She's a writer, a fighter, an ignitor And sometimes it burns Her points are sharp enough To sting like a ray She's bold and brave and Might not be kind When she speaks her mind But she cares a lot and Dares enough to share her truth and raise the roof to make a difference Take it or not."

- Dorothy Langlois Epstein

Retired High School Teacher/Writer/Artist

"I am not inspired by just anybody. But when I see greatness in someone, shining through their words, their speech, their style, and their energy, I can't help but want to look and listen. Martrice has all that. She's an artist of language, a visionary of a better world, a bridge builder between souls. Our souls are so blessed to be touched by her story, her presence, and her talent. Tonight, look and listen...She's a star."

-Jennifer Collins

San Francisco Library Teen Librarian

Thee Poetz Promise

Thee Poetz Promise
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I have lived in the depths of blank pages... Lonely Blank pages.... I hid my pain in acheiving.. Over acheiving.. My intelligence, beauty, my body, my identity was hijacked from me.. People and organizations.. watched me struggle as they capiotlized off my pure pain, passion

if I had not loved myself... I would have hated myself..

Bell Hooks asked herself, Who am I talking to when I am writing.. Who is the auidence...... I asked myself the same question ..

I am talking to GOD PLEADING MY CASE. I NEED TO GET TO HEAVEN TO SEE MY MOM. Nothing in this book is a lie. I will tell you a poem of fictional if it was. This is inspired by My life. My pain is real. I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOUR RESPECT. I'm taking it. GOD CAN ONLY JUDGE ME. I ONLY THANK GOD.

I thank and dedicate this Book to: MY MOTHER Patricia Ann, my grandmothers: THELMA CANDLER. LUCIELLE HAMILTON and 1st .. FOR EVER you are in my heart.. You watch me take my first breath and I was alone with you when you took your last.

I'm puttting the NAME you gave me on the MUTHA FUCKIN MAP.

Has a new story.

Nana, Ive never done drugs as I had promised you and everything you told me to keep a secrete I kept.


I wrote poems
and riddled out this mutha fucka.