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About Author: Brother Y.

Brother Y. is a staff writer for POOR Magazine, a poverty and race advocate as well as a tireless champion in the cause to end marijuana prohibition.

Featured Book: The San Francisco County Jail Cookbook 'Tu' - Attack of the Ass Clowns

San Francisco County Jail Cook Book Tu: Attack of the Ass Clowns picks up where the first one leaves off and continues to document my experiences with racial and poverty profiling as well as my continued struggles with my McSlumlord and the unjust war on drugs, especially as it pertains to can- nabis [marijuana].

Previous Book: The San Francisco County Jail Cookbook Resistance Fighter in the War on Drugs

Not only this is an autobiography of a poor black man in Amerikkka, but it is also a living journal of my personal journey after crawling out of the muck and mire of homelessness in the deep south. As well, it is a document of the struggles of a front line resistance fighter in the war on drugs in the most unlikely of places: The Golden Gate (San Francisco).