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Bruce Allison

Bruce Allison was born on April 28, 1951 at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. As a six generation San Franciscan, I attended several local San Francisco schools and graduated in 1969. A month later, I was in Fort Ord, CA in basic training getting ready to be shipped off to Vietnam, where I served from 1969-71 as part of the forced draft.

After the Vietnam war, I worked as a carnival geek to level my head off for the Northland Show throughout the North East, settling in Maine until I went to London and worked as a 'porter' until I was deported for being an 'undocumented worker'. In 1974, after returning from London to San Francisco, I was a home care worker for 28 years until I injured myself on the job with a broken back. From 2002-04, I was home-less because of my disabilities. From 2004-06, I got my housing in an S.R.O.(Single Room Occupancy) until I got my permanent housing where I currently live today. I am an advocate and am very active with social justice issues around disability, elder and housing rights. I am also a staff writer and political reporter for POOR Magazine in San Francisco. I received the San Francisco Honor Award by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for my activism in 2006.

Foever Job

Foever Job — The Final Eviction: POOR Press author Bruce Allison takes his sci-fi revolutionary reality to a whole new level of social consciousness with 'The Forever Job', set in the year 2076, where a total takeover of planet Earth and all planets in the solar system are being threatened with total eviction of all living things, including human beings by the the United Nations and large corporations to build the 'Dyson Sphere', a corporate funded, man-made synthetic giant shell around the sun. This may be the beginning of a series of the 'possible future' of our own fate from greed and 'gentricide' of the universe.

The Land Under Golden Gate Park

The Land Under Golden Gate Park — Lumeria is an allegory on San Francisco politics, depicting a mix of both past and future imperialist and corporate rule which reflect the increasing trend of ‘gentricide’, the current mass destruction of gentrification and corporate dominance in San Francisco and throughout the world.