In 2003 POOR Magazine launched a new branch to its ever expanding web of media resistance, POOR Press and its education arm; Digital Resistance.

In this program, very low and no income adults and youth are given the opportunity to create a book from start to finish, beginning with creative writing, narrative essays and poetry and then progressing to graphic design and layout publishing and promotion. Since its inception, POOR Press has provided revolutionary media access for the silenced voices of 49 youth, adult and elder poverty scholars by publishing their books of artwork, poetry and short stories, thereby sharing their urgently needed scholarship, voices and solutions with the world.

The 2011 POOR Press collection includes six revolutionary books addressing issues ranging from in/migration, family separation, abuse, the non-profit industrial complex, landlessness, police brutality to homelessness and poverty.

Written from the voice of youth, adults and elders in poverty who are never heard in corporate and even independent media these pieces of writing and artwork are truly unlike anything else found in the corporate world of publishing today. These books allow the reader to experience and learn about the very personal struggles and resistance of each author.

NEW publications: Stormwater by Dee Allen, The Making of Aunti Frances Vol. One by Aunti Frances, Thee Poetz Promise by Bella Martrice, Lost in Amerikkka by Joseph Bolden, I Am Homeless: The New Face Of Homelessness by Terrilyn Woodfin,The Man in the Moon/ El Hombre en la Luna: a book about interdependence by Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia.

POOR Publication News

Born N' Raised In Frisco

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    POOR Publication News

    Decolonizers Guide to a Humble Revolution

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  • -To access a Digital book of art, poetry, prose, herstory and scholarship we are asking a sliding scale donation of $3-25.00 ( or more). Just contact us via e-mail.
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    POOR Publication News

    Los Viajes/The Journeys

    - Historias y imagenes de personas que cruzan las fronteras por toda Pachamama, la madre tierra
    - Stories and images from peoples crossing borders all over pacha mama/mother earth

    Un proyecto de Prena POBRE (A POOR PPress Preject)

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    Download POOR Press Publication Catalog which include all POOR Press Scholars’ books.

    The POOR Press Online Catalog – New Releases/Current Publications

    Angel Garcia

    • Angel Garcia
    • Gang, Drugs, and Denial
    Gangs, Drugs, and Denial - A Disabled Latino Immigrant Struggling in the U.S.A.
    $ 10.00
    Visit Angel ’s web page

    Aunti Frances

    • Aunti Frances
    • The Making of Aunti Frances
    The Making of Aunti Frances -A story of self-hatred to self-love.
    $ 10.00
    Visit Aunti ’s web page

    Bella Martrice

    • Bella Martrice
    • Thee Poets Promise
    Thee Poetz Promise - To be dope!/span>
    $ 10.00
    Visit Bella ’s web page

    Brother Y

    • Brother Y
    • The San Francisco County Jail Cookbook, Tu
    The San Francisco County Jail Cookbook, Tu- Attack of the Ass Clowns
    $ 10.00
    Visit Brother’s web page

    Bruce Allison

    • Bruce Allison
    • Forever Job
    Gangs, Drugs, and Denial - The Final Eviction
    $ 10.00
    Visit Bruce’s web page

    Byron Gafford

    • Byron Gafford
    • Thru the Eyes of a Child 4
    Thru the Eyes of a Child 4- One Man’s Journey Into Institutional Abuse
    $ 15.00
    Visit Byron’s web page

    Dale Ray

    • Dale Ray
    • To Hell and Back
    To Hell and Back
    $ 10.00
    Visit Dale’s web page

    Dee Allen

    • Dee Allen
    • Stormwater
    $ 10.00
    Visit Dee’s web page


    • Ecstascene
    • Systembitch
    systemBitch- Systems and Institutions, Inside/Out
    $ 10.00
    Visit EcstaScene’s web page

    Ingrid DeLeon

    • Ingrid DeLeon
    • El Viaje De Una Madre Immigrante
    El Viaje De Una Madre Immigrante - The Journey of One Immigrant Mother
    $ 10.00
    Visit Ingrid’s web page

    Jasmine Hain

    • Jasmine Hain
    • My Life x 4
    My Life x 4 - A Homeless Kid in America
    $ 15.00
    Visit Jasmine’s web page

    Joseph Bolden

    • Maria Molina
    • HUMILDE PROFESIONAL - Humble Professional
    Lost in Amerikkka
    $ 10.00
    Visit Joe's web page

    Maria Molina

    • Maria Molina
    • HUMILDE PROFESIONAL - Humble Professional
    Humilde Profesional-Humble Professional
    $ 10.00

    Marlon Crump

    • Marlon Crump
    • Ray's Day
    Ray’s Day
    $ 15.00
    Visit Marlon’s web page

    Marvin Crutchfield

    • Marvin Crutchfield
    • Paradise Ventures 3
    Paradise Ventures 3- This is a product of My seed, listen to My words and take heed.
    $ 10.00
    Visit Marvin’s web page


    • Muteado
    • Untold Stories of Amerikkka USA
    Untold Stories of Amerikkka USA
    $ 15.00


    • Queennandi
    • Life, Struggle, Reflection II
    Life, Struggle, Reflection II- Raw and Uncut
    $ 15.00
    Visit Queennandi’s web page

    Terrilyn Woodfin

    • Terrilyn Woodfin
    • The Long Black Gate
    I Am Homeless- The New Face Of Homelessness
    $ 10.00
    Visit Terrilyn’s web page

    Thornton Kimes

    • Thornton Kimes
    • Non-Profit Industrial Complex
    Self Help for the Apocalypse - Poems for the freakonomically challenged
    $ 10.00
    Visit Thornton’s web page

    Tiny aka Lisa

    • Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia
    • the man in the moon/ el hombre en la luna
    The Man in the Moon/ El Hombre en la Luna- a book about interdependence
    $ 10.00
    Vist The Man in the Moon’s web page

    Tony Robles

    • Tony Robles
    • Filipino Building Maintenance Company
    Filipino Building Maintenance Company-  
    $ 15.00
    Visit Tony’s web page

    Valerie Harvey

    • Valerie Harvey
    • Love Lights The Way
    Love Lights The Way- A Book of Poetry about Love
    $ 15.00
    Visit Valerie’s web page

    Vivian Hain

    • Vivian Hain
    • Superbabymama
    Superbabymama- In the Life of One Poor Mama in the U.S.A.
    $ 15.00
    Visit Vivian’s web page