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Written by 12-year old Jasmine Hain, My Life x 4 is a book about Jasmine’s life experience living homeless for nearly four years, told through her voice and vision with storytelling, poetry, spoken word and artwork that takes social consciousness to a new level for us all.

my life x 4
Jasmine Hain self portlait

About The Author
Jasmine Hain has lived in the Bay Area with her two sisters and her mother her entire life, having experienced several years of homelessness and adversity, which has led her on a path to self-empowerment through advocacy, becoming a voice of consciousness and empowerment for youth in poverty today.

Jasmine, an honor student at Oakland School For The Arts is currently a Visual Arts major, but continues to advocate and speak at legislate hearings, both locally and nationally on social justice issues that impact low-income families like her own.

When she graduates from high school, she plans to attend U.C. Berkeley to major in public law and policy for social justice, both nationally and globally and wishes to travel the world with her mother someday.

Jasmine & POOR Magazine
Jasmine, 15, is a writer, poet, and daughter of poverty scholar Vivien Hain and Youth Scholar in residence at the Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute at POOR Magazine as well as a Youth Elder at the F.A.M.I.L.Y Skool (Family Access to Multi-cultural Intergenerational Learning with our Youth) at POOR Magazine which is a revolutionary teaching and learning project for children and families struggling with poverty which incorporates a social justice and arts , multi-cultural and multi-lingual curriculum for families, children and elders learning together to come out of poverty and resist racist, classist education models locally and globally.