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Author Marlon Crump

"Ray´s Day"

Ray´s Day is unarguably the most difficult story I have ever written in my life. Truth be told, it will be the most difficult story I will ever write for the rest of my life.

For those who will read this book, you will discover that I am not just exploring a deep dark fantasy world of what ifs, what was, and what have-nots.

Ultimately, the purpose of "RAY´S DAY" is to not only heal from a demon thats terrorized my mind for my entire life, but "RAY´S DAY" is also motivated to heal all sex abuse survivors to confront this very demon... through the art of writing.

— Marlon Crump

Ray´s Day

Prior to his traumatic encounter with police brutality, Crump has had to wrestle with a demon that traumatized him during childhood. This demon affected his entire family, in addition. This demon plagued his mind with so many ugly images of that event, that Crump had to bury it to literally avoid losing his mind. This demon is called R-A-P-E.

In recent years, he´s decided to combat his inner turmoil through his skill of writing. It is with this motivation is where Crump decided to write "RAY´S DAY" where he explores the possibilty of what the fate would be of the perpretator of this heinous crime, from a fictional perspective.

Savagely Removed Occupant (SRO)

Savagely Removed Occupant (S.R.O.)

"Savagery Removed Occupant"

On October 7th, 2005 a dozen members of the San Francisco Police Department, stormed his S.R.O. (Single Room Occupancy) Hotel heavily armed, aimed to fire. After held in custody for a crime the author didin´t commit, he was released.

Fueled with inner rage, emotion, and trauma, Marlon decided to create a fictionalized, satirical account inspired by this horrific experience into a de but book series, to catch the eyes of the reader.

The entire stroyline surrounds an unforgettable uprising, the abuse of authority by city and state government concerning impoverished low income housing oppression by a ruthless tyrannical governor, with a vengefully motivated police sergeant caught amidst the chaos.