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RAM is a co-dependant artist, parent, digital resister, freedom fighter, and positive motivational speaker who started getting serious about his writing at Walden House during his third time around being told how much his poems were helping other clients.

Growing up in a large family with at least half addicted to either selling or smoking of the drugs, knowing he was traveling the wrong road, deciding to heal his life and attempting to pull the rest of the world with him (in a positive direction.) We all need help at some point.

His little sister Rumeka was born one week after his 10th birthday, guiding his decision to change his life at such an early age to become a better role model for her, and also an awful accident putting him in a coma for twelve days in '93, tampering with gang-life, was reminded of the road he was not supposed to travel.

Later deciding to enroll in a residential program to modify his behavior. He is doing his part to help heal the world with his positive messages to make it a better place for children's futures; especially his two daughters Paloma and Kiya.

Ruyata Akio McGloth
Cancer, 7.7.1976

San Francisco, CA. native, Been a rohlin´ stone´, since about 11; being placed &/or re-displaced from The BAY Area to Chapas Mex., Sonoma Country to Manhattan, Roots are from Mississippi Multi-cultural-lingue, My pops Rufus & mama Girtha.

"I write metaphors in iambic pentameter." I studied the arts since the age of 11, I have two daughters and am related to the WORLD.

Pafoma y Kiya and Lejoi with the fire, Many siblings - but mi hermanita Rumeka.