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Terrilyn Woodfin

I Am Homeless

The New Face Of Homelessness


About Me


I am Terrilyn Woodfin. I was born and raised in Knoxville,

Tennessee by a single and devoted mother, who taught me

proper morals and values. She tried her hardest to give me

everything I might have wanted. She taught me to love GOD,

FAMILY and MANKIND. Because of her I love life and I

want everybody to be happy!


I am a writer, singer and public speaker. I have been blessed

with two wonderful children and a special someone. We now

reside in San Francisco, California.


The book is about my struggle and journey through being homeless in the twenty-first century. Not being or looking like the stereotypical homeless person. Going through it not once but twice and with each time it got worse and more worse.


Through homelessness my faith in God never waivered and I came to realize that with every test and trial we go through we come out with maturity and a testimony!

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