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Thornton Kimes has been part of POOR Magazine since the fall of 2008.
Self Help for The Apocalyps

Self Help for The Apocalyps
- Poems for the Freakonomically Challenged

SELF-HELP FOR THE APOCALYPSE was a sign in the window at Modern Times Books in San Francisco the first time I went to a POOR Press reading (Fall 2008), while I was starting to work on my first bookóNON-PROFIT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: A LOVE STORY AND OTHER POEMS. I thought the sign made a great title for a collection of poems (it became SELF-HELP FOR THE APOCALYPSE: POEMS FOR THE FREAKONOMICALLY CHALLENGED, my second poetry collection).

A new crew of ‘adults’ in the White House is trying to fix what's broken. Poor people already know what's brokenó-the whole system that supposedly brings us the ‘best standard of living in the world’ in ‘the greatest country in the world’, two boilerplate phrases people endlessly repeat, apparently needing to say it over and over or they will suddenly realize it isn't true and actually have to do something about it.

"We all have big challenges to face, and need real, not fake, self-help for the Apocalypse."

Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Non-Profit Industrial Complex - A Love Story and Other Poems

NON-PROFIT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: A LOVE STORY AND OTHER POEMS is his first book of poetry and first with POOR Press. A little Wizard of Oz imagery, working for Goodwill Industries (part of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex), some haiku, and more may be found in this collection of poems.


Waiting for donations to Goodwill in a Marin County
Safeway parking lot, the daily hunt and beg for food
that crows, pigeons and seagulls do:
What is the difference?

High school students made it easy for the birds
five lunch breaks a week, but never mind that,
a point had to be made when we didn't feed them