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Filipino Building
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Revolutionary Worker ScholarTony Robles


“When I was a kid, my father put me to work. The ‘Filipino Building Maintenance Company’ was the name of his business and the tools of his trade were mops, brooms, toilet brushes and vacuum cleaners. As my father’s only employee, I couldn’t do anything right. I couldn’t tell the difference between a toilet brush and a toothbrush, but the one thing it did for me was show me how to write. I credit my father for showing me and to him, I owe a great debt.

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Anthony D. Robles was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Tony Robles’ work is highly influenced by his family, culture and the working-class community. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including ‘DisOrient Journalzine’, ‘Pinoy Poetics’, ‘The Asian-Pacific American Journal’ and the anthology of Filipino-American writing ’Seven-Card Stud and Seven Manangs Wild’ (2002).

In his first children’s book, ‘Lakas and the Manilatown Fish’, Tony Robles found inspiration from his own son, Lakas, to whom he first told the tale as a bedtime story and his uncle, poet Al Robles, one of the original Manilatown manongs.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Robles currently resides in San Francisco, California and is co-editor of POOR Magazine and co-host of POOR News Network (PNN).