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Third genereration S.F. born POOR Press writer Vivian Hain graduated with her A.A. degree in multimedia digital imaging in 2005 and in 2007, earned her B.A. degree in Humanities Leadership and Public Policy.

Currently, Vivian is co-teaching the digital resistance 102 book writing class at POOR Magazine and film field production at Berkeley City College. She also advocates with LIFETIME (Low-Income Families´ Empowerment Through Education) on state and national legislative policies that affect low income and working class families both statewide and nationally and currently lives in Berkeley with her three daughters and a cat.

Vivian is also a staff writer for POOR Magazine and a co-writer and cast member for the POOR Magazine play production and the welfareQUEENS Project, and a poverty scholar in residence at POOR Magazine´s Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute.

Author Vivian Hain


autobiography reflections...

Superbabymama - autobiography reflections

Written by POOR Press author Vivian Hain tells of her story dealing with social, economic, race and class struggle while growing up as a child and during her adult life, living the ‘American Nightmare’ in the U.S.A., the wealthiest nation in the world, through her written personal memoirs, spoken word, poetry and art.